So, the Lord has been speaking to me lately. A lot of it has been chastening. A rather humbling thing, I must admit. But yet, I am grateful for it. Because it’s one of the greatest evidences that He loves me. Hebrews 12:6, tells me that the chastening of God is an expression of His heart of love. So even though it hurts sometimes, I realize He is wounding to heal. I pray that He doesn’t stop until I awaken with His likeness (Psalms 17:15).

What has He been chastening me about? Well, like the church of Ephesus in Revelation 2:4, I have left my first love. He has been calling me to do my first works.

If the truth be told, it’s been a little while that I have been feeling the prodding of the Holy Spirit. Telling me that all is not well in our love relationship. He’s been sharing that the passion is not as it use to be. The sweet attentions I use to give Him are wanting. He has been feeling neglected,  like someone or something else has become more precious in my sight than He is. To it all, I can but hang my head in shame and declare it to be so.

I hadn’t realized that I had been drifting away from the Lover of My Soul. This leaving of the first love experience happens at time so imperceptibly. But in retrospect as you look back, you are able to see even clearer the path that you took away from God’s great heart of love. In hindsight you see the waning of your zeal and a loosening of the grip by which you once held the hand of God.

But all is not lost!

One thing about the chastening of God, He always has a solution. Yes, He shows you the problem, but He also shows you the way out. A preacher once said that God is a surgeon not a butcher. A butcher cuts to kill, but a surgeon wounds to heal.

So as God wounded me, He began right away to stitch me up and show me the way forward. Perhaps you might find yourself in my situation, here’s a prescription from the heavenly surgeon.

  1. Repent and acknowledge where you have fallen. Psalms 51 is an excellent example of a prayer of repentance.
  2. Believe that God loves you and is willing to accept you back (Hosea 13:9, John 6:37, 1 John 1:9)
  3. Ask the Lord to reignite holy desires in you (Matthew 5:6, Matthew 21:22)
  4.  Do the things that you did in the past that helped you to grow in Christ (Revelation 2:5). What does that look like? Daily Prayer (Psalms 55:17); Consistent Bible Study (John 5:39; 2 Timothy 2:15); Share your faith (Mark 10:45; Matthew 28:19,20)

Lastly, I’ll encourage you to move quickly. Time is very short and what we do we must do quickly. So do not resist the chastening of the Lord. Don’t drag your feet making the necessary changes that He reveals to you. Remember it comes from a heart of love.

Written by: Rochelle Mekowulu