2017 Highlights

The Lord has truly blessed this past year.

  • Baker Creek Festival in Mansfield, MO – we were blessed to setup a booth at this annual festival that services nearly 10,000 people over a course of two days. We used the right arm of the health message as we cooked vegan nachos, desserts and beverages for attendees. We had the opportunity to pass out literature and to witness to them of the love of Christ.
  • Southern New England Camp Meeting – we teamed up once again with The Beehives Ministry to conduct a week of training for this camp meeting. It was a tremendous blessing. Over and over we heard individuals express that they had never experienced health in this way and wanted to know how they could sign up for the fuller training. The conference president and his executive team have decided they want this to become a conference wide initiative. Please keep that in prayer.
  • Southern Connection California Women’s Prayer line – 11:58 Watchmen joined with others speakers from this prayer line in Los Angeles to show how the message of Christ Our Righteousness is that which will will truly bring light to this dying world. What a blessing it was to share and to meet other wonderful speakers and ministries.
  • Morris Park SDA Church – a CHAT Applied Training was conducted at this church in the Bronx, New York. We rejoice to see that a team has been raised up in that area of the vineyard to carry the message of a loving Lord through the vehicle of the health message to the world. The team is now working on conducting its first community health seminar.
  • Cleveland Health & Evangelistic Series – rounding out the year we had an opportunity to go to Cleveland, Ohio for five weeks. We conducted two weeks of an health seminar entitled “From Sickness to Health” and then a three week evangelistic series entitled “Revelation: Inheritance Restored.” Our God is so good! Night after night for the health series we had non adventist who came, eagerly embracing the things that they heard. Amongst seasoned Adventist the testimony was they had never heard health presented in this manner and all agreed it was one of, if not the, best seminar they had attended. We give God all the Glory. Our greatest joy, however, was seeing those non adventist transition from the health meetings over to the evangelistic series. This evangelistic series was unique in that it presented the truths from the book of Revelation through the lens of Christ Our Righteousness. Truly it can be said that as the Lord was lifted up, He drew hearts unto Himself.