Looking Ahead to 2018

Here’s a few things to get excited about in 2018…

  • A new addition to our family – many of you might already be aware that we are adding a new baby boy to our family in February. We ask you to keep us in prayer.
  • Launch of our outward facing ministry – we have been diligently desiring to launch our ministry to non adventist and believe by God’s grace that 2018 is the year. There are some classes that we still need to finish up to do this, as well as set up a website and other items to bring this to fruition. We promise to share more as we get closer to the release date.
  • Completion of Evangelistic Series – it is our desire to fully complete the Revelation: Inheritance Restored series that we did in Cleveland. We have seen the blessing it was and want to offer it to others as an option for conducting evangelistic meetings. To this end we need to create additional presentations, design and edit accompanying study guides, create a facilitator’s guide amongst other things.
  • The Launch of the Look and Live Project – if you have been to our website you have seen this on the site since the beginning. The purpose of this site is to create an online space where individuals can encounter Jesus is a real and personal way. It’s aim is to have the knowledge of God flood the world as the waters cover the seas. The Lord has said it is time and we want to work with Him. We are in need to setting up a website, among a few other things.
  • Land for an evangelistic training school – the Lord has impressed our hearts of the need to open a place where evangelistic gospel workers might be trained in the message of Christ Our Righteousness and how to teach all our doctrines from that perspective.
  • Publishing – As you know the publishing work is one of the tools we seek to use to build the kingdom of God. As we travel we are constantly encountering people who are searching for direction or ultimately a knowledge of God’s will for their life. The church like the body can not live and thrive if the members (I.e. lungs, heart, etc) that make up the body doesn’t understand the purpose for which they were created. To meet this need drawing from personal experience we’re looking to complete a book and workbook detailing how to know God’s will with practical methods of application.