Being wounded with love can be a very painful and beautiful experience all at the same time. Now, I know that may sound a bit weird, but let me explain. Consider these scriptures:

“Faithful are the wounds of a friend; but the kisses of an enemy are deceitful.” Proverbs 27:6

“…despise not the chastening of the Lord, nor faint when thou art rebuked of him;” Hebrews 12:5

“As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten: be zealous therefore, and repent.” Revelation 3:19

I had been struggling for the past few days trying to finish a website. A task made difficult because I am not a web designer. But a desire to save money prompted me to push forward and try my hand at it. So I set an overly ambitious deadline of finishing it in two weeks, of course, that did not materialize. As the project drew on I felt much frustration at various times. The more frustrated, I felt was the more I tried to push myself. Sitting in front of the computers for hours determined to soldier through. The last two days were especially harrowing. I felt as though I was making no progress at all. I was unhappy with what I perceived as wasted time and just wanted to be done with it. Every now and then, my husband would hear my signs of frustration and remind me to pray.

Two weeks into the project, on a prayer walk the Lord began to talk to me, and as He did, I felt the keenest rebuke. He spoke to me in His sweet and loving voice, all I could do was nod my head in agreement. He wounded with such love. He was all right and I was all wrong.

He told me that the reason the project was taking so long was due to the choices I was making. And as I listened, He began to break it down. He shared with me how in the beginning I had adopted a very prayerful attitude. I knew it was a big undertaking and I was leaning more on Him. And boy, did He come through. I made tremendous progress in the beginning. However, He showed me that I had left off the prayerful attitude I first had. And that I was pushing through seemingly on my own strength and not including Him in the process as I might have. He showed me how every time I felt frustrated, rather than stopping to pray and seek His wisdom, I gritted my teeth in determination and tried to figure it out. He showed me how I could have lightened the burden of the project through songs of praise. He showed how I wasted much time because I tried to lean on my own wisdom rather than His. I saw how He was willing to cut down the learning curve, but I didn’t give Him a chance to.

He also showed me that because of the ease of the project at first. I had begun to think to myself “oh, I can do this. It’s not that bad.” But in saying that, I wasn’t as mindful that the only reason I was able to do it was all because of Him. It had nothing to do with my ability. And now in my failure to continue that rapid advancement, God was showing me just how much I didn’t know.

So now you understand why I felt rebuked. The lesson was driven further home as He showed me the things that I might have done with that time. He showed me that in every circumstance of life, I am building a character for eternity. And I needed to be more careful as to how I was building. Oh, He provided an awesome object lesson to illustrate the point.

For the last few days, I had been pulling weeds and plants that had started to grow up around the house through the rocks that covered the ground. Many of the plants had started to develop thick roots and I had to exert superhuman strength to try to pull them out of the ground. Now the job was made difficult because I waited so long to deal with the problem. If I had dealt with them at first, those roots wouldn’t have grown so deep. It’s the same with character. One sinful action that goes unchecked, mars the character and if not dealt with could rob you and me of eternal life.

After He spoke, everything else I had wanted to talk about seemed so insignificant. I was chastened. I dare not say like the Children of Israel, “all that the Lord says, I will do.” I told Him that I couldn’t do it I needed His strength to resist.

While we are being chastened by the Lord, it never feels really good. But I’m grateful to be wounded with love. Like David, I would rather fall into the hands of the Lord, than anyone else’s.

By: Rochelle Mekowulu