Challenge Tips

Want to get the most out of the challenge? Here are some tips…

  1. Approach this Challenge with a prayerful spirit. Ask the Lord to work on your heart and allow these 28 days to have the effect it was designed to have.
  2. The Holy Spirit is an integral part of the success of this challenge. We can only be changed by the indwelling of this third person of the Godhead. And the blessing is that the Father longs to give the Holy Spirit to us if we would but ask (Luke 11:13). So, pray that the Holy Spirit will set home to your heart the very things that will be exposed to in this challenge. We want a real heart experience and not simply a theory.
  3. Not all looks are created equal. Imagine two people who are told to a look at a particular object. Person A turns their head and briefly glances in the direction they were directed, before turning away. Person B turns and with a long, searching gaze takes in the object. If both persons were asked to describe what they saw, who would be more descriptive. Without a shadow of a doubt, it would be person B. Why? Didn’t they both look? The answer is simple one’s look was superficial while the other was penetrating. The look that causes one to live is not a superficial, brief glance in the direction of the Savior. It’s a long penetrating gaze that takes in every aspect of His sacrifice, considers the motives that prompted it and what should be their response to it.
  4. The key to building a strong relationship is spending quality time together. Commit to spending time with the Lord studying His Word, both morning and evening (Psalms 55:17). Here is a powerful sermon on the importance of having a devotional life.
  5. Don’t rush through the activities as though they were homework that you had to hurry up and get done so you can check it off your list. Commit yourself to the process. Do not look at the list of activities as another burden, rather look at each as an opportunity to deepen your relationship with God, with others, and the privilege to give glory to the lover of your soul. Take your time. Meditate on what you are doing. Think about it through the day.
  6. Minimize distractions. It is one of the devil’s strategies to keep us so busy, even with good things, that we won’t have time to look and live. For some that distraction might come in the form of social media, watching tv or surfing the internet, for another, it may be work, for others, it may be relationships. Whatever that distraction is, identify it and guard against it for these 28 days. Be militant about this time that you are giving to the Lord (Matthew 5:29-30).
  7. We have put together some pointers to help you succeed as an Accountability and Prayer Partner. You can read them here.
  8. Determine up front that you will not view this Challenge as an event. A one-time thing that you do and then go back to life as usual. Resolve that this is the beginning of a new way of life and that even when the challenge concludes, you will continue to look and live.

Are you ready to be transformed?