Cycle of Health Evangelism

A comprehensive cycle to reach your community with the Gospel

11:58 Watchmen has partnered with the Beehive Ministry in finalizing an innovative cycle of health evangelism that equips churches to do effective outreach. This evangelism cycle is perfectly suited for reaching the cities, both large and small. We have carefully structured these programs in a seven-phase process, which can be easily integrated into your church’s annual evangelism calendar. This cycle encourages Total Member Involvement with the goal of winning souls to Christ and inspiring optimal health for the church itself.

For churches without marketing skills or a plan and are wondering: “how can we put together a relevant, dynamic, and comprehensive marketing plan? Well, we’ve got your church covered. Churches don’t have to make any of the preparation in terms of materials. All the heavy lifting has been done. You do not need to be knowledgeable about marketing or health. You will be provided with strategies for both training for members as well as ancillary seminar materials. What does that leave? Planning, participation and loving the people who come are the only areas left for the church to do! Too good to be true, stop overthinking it, it’s really that simple.


Great Health Controversy

This initial phase is a weekend seminar to rally and galvanize your church in preparation for health outreach. Six dynamic presentations are covered in three days during this transformative weekend.  The first session begins on Friday evening, continues Sabbath morning for divine service, and the Sabbath is brought to a close with a dynamic presentation that breaks the Great Health Controversy down to its simplest terms. The weekend ends on Sunday with a presentation and demonstration of disease-fighting nutrition, designed to provide practical information church members can use effectively to reach their community.




The Community Health Advocate Training (CHAT) Program is a one-of-a-kind, at your own pace online course to prepare individuals, groups, and churches to conduct health education seminars using Christ Method of Evangelism. Our online course is composed of 65 hours of presentations, conducted by renowned experts in many areas of ministry including: physicians, pastors, evangelists, healthcare professionals, literature evangelists, and more.

CHAT Applied is a week-long, in-person, training required for CHAT certification and the wherewithal to successfully manage/execute the next phase of the Cycle of Evangelism – Health-centered outreach – as confident, competent Community Health Advocates. Visit our online university at CHATYouniversity.


From Sickness to Health

A 5-day seminar modeled after the TV program strictly for the community. It targets the most difficult people to reach – atheists, millennials and the rapidly growing number of people who identify themselves as having no religious affiliation. The thrust of the 5-day seminar is to cast God’s health principles as the most viable proclamation for better living, based on the strength of evidence seen in the quality of life of the people who follow these principles and are known as the longest living Americans, namely the Seventh-day Adventists. Audiences are amazed to learn of the evidenced-based information compiled in five, dynamic presentations, utilizing up-to-date videos, scientific research and the growing popularity of the Blue Zone studies, of which Seventh-day Adventists are the only one found in the United States.



Healthy Self

The fourth phase of the cycle of evangelism is designed to show how Christ “mingled with men as one who desired their good” – using practical techniques. Individuals transition fluidly from the five-day, From Sickness to Health Seminar to this five or ten-week small group meeting, which incorporates our latest book Healthy Self: 10 Habits of the Longest Living Americans. We have compiled cutting-edge research, broadcast-quality media and graphics, and attention-grabbing video news clips to ensure a fun-filled, educational experience.

A new health principle is introduced each week and daily challenges present opportunities for attendees to make health a habit and be transformed from the inside, out – physically, emotionally and spiritually! As with all phases of the cycle of evangelism, we provide your church with all the materials necessary to conduct these meetings, including an in-depth, Facilitator’s Guide and all-supporting presentations for the 10-week program are supplied. This enables church members to sufficiently mingle, but also strategically prepares community attendees for any small group Bible studies that are encouraged as a follow-up.



Whole Health Small Group

The primary purpose of Whole Health Small Groups is to create nurturing environments that foster relationships, developed in previous phases of the cycle of evangelism, that serve as a bridge between health and the spiritual. These small groups help us show participants that health is not only physical, but includes the mental, social, and spiritual aspects of our multi-faceted beings. They prepare hearts and minds for future evangelistic series.




This phase encompasses your church’s evangelistic series. By this point in the cycle of evangelism, attendees have been sufficiently prepared and nurtured in the safety of your Whole Health Small Group; the soil of their hearts are now prepared to receive “the seed” of the full-Gospel.

It is a well-known fact that people are more inclined to accept an invitation to a prophecy series from a friend, than from a stranger, or a card in the mail. The first five phases of the Beehive’s Cycle of Evangelism prepare your contacts, mentally and spiritually, for receiving, embracing, and joyfully applying the eternal truths presented from God’s word. Why? Because the invitation will come from a friend, someone with whom they have developed a meaningful relationship at some point in the cycle. The Beehive’s Cycle of Evangelism is Christ’s Method made practical!


New Member Integration

This final phase trains and equips NEW BELIEVERS with requisite knowledge and tools to fully-integrate them into the work of the church. The retention rate for new converts is highest when opportunities are created for them to become actively involved – working collaboratively with other church members to benefit others, especially those in their community. By imparting to others, they are strengthened themselves (Isaiah 58:7,8 and 2 Timothy 2:2). This final cycle is designed to teach new members how to grow in Christ and help them to find their place within the body by introducing them to church history, a spiritual gifts assessment, and Community Health Advocate Training (C.H.A.T).

Bring this Cycle of Health Evangelism to your church:

This cycle is designed to not only gain members but to retain them as well. Contact us for more information and to begin working in a strategic way for the salvation of souls.