The Wisdom of the Great Physician


The Wisdom of the Great Physician emphasizes the link between diet and spiritual growth. It’s a diet book, a self-help book, and a Christian spiritual guide all rolled into one, providing practical counsel on how to live so as to secure life’s best results.

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The sunflower keeps its face sunward. If it is turned from the light, it will twist itself on the stem, until it lifts up its petals to the bright beams of the sun. So let everyone who has given his heart to God, turn to the Sun of Righteousness, and eagerly look up to receive the bright beams of the glory that shine in the face of Jesus. Thus we may educate the soul to press its way out of the corrupted moral atmosphere of the world, of sin and selfishness, into the atmosphere that is divine and health-giving. Also known as Ministry of Healing.

The purchase of these books will go far beyond the benefit you receive personally. An impact can be seen in the lives of family members , neighbors, colleagues, and fellow citizens. The funds raised from the proceeds of this book will assist in the establishment of health retreats, farms, education for the unemployed in useful lines of work, and training schools.


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