The Vision

Can a look save a life? To the Children of Israel dying in the wilderness, one look was all it took. To Peter pressed under the guilt of denying his Savior, one look was the difference between life and death. We believe that a look can radically transform a life and awaken a sleeping church. The Look & Live Project’s aim is to help people look so that they can live. We are a Christ-centric movement dedicated to uplifting Christ and the priceless gift of His righteousness. Through a revelation of the matchless charms of Christ, believers will be motivated to give a demonstration of the love of God to a dying world. But it all begins with a look. Have you looked today?

The Look & Live 28 Day Challenge


Welcome to our first ever Look & Live 28 Day Challenge. We are super excited that you have decided to join us. The next 28 days is geared to bring you into a closer communion with Christ by helping you through daily activities to keep Him at the forefront of your mind. We pray that this experience will be life-changing, and if you commit yourself, it will definitely be.

The Challenge is very simple. Here are a few guidelines…

  • You are encouraged to fast from social media for the duration of the challenge to minimize distractions. We have created a replacement image for your Facebook cover and profile images that you can use for the 28 days to let folks know that you will be offline. Simply right click on the image and save it to your computer.
  • Prayer is central to the success of this challenge, so you will be connected with another participant who will serve as your prayer and accountability partner. Both of you should connect at least 3x a week for prayer.
  • There will be a half night prayer meeting at the conclusion of the challenge.
  • A group prayer meeting will also be held via the phone every Friday at 7:30 pm EST. The duration will be between 30-45 minutes.
  • Throughout the challenge, you will have daily and weekly activities. You will receive an email daily with your activities for that day. Don’t panic, the activities are not time-consuming. 
  • A group discussion forum has been set up on Slack to allow for group sharing and discussion. You are encouraged to post daily about your experience with that day’s activity.                                             
  • A survey will be given to you at the end. Your feedback is very important to us in developing future challenges. We are asking you to make notes along the way of things that you think was done well or could have been done better. 
  • Here are some tips to help you get the maximum benefit from the Challenge.

                               Daily                                                                                                       Weekly
          Devotional Video (delivered via email)                                               Pray with your partner at least 3x per week
          Your Daily Look (a unique daily activity delivered via email)        Weekly assigned readings
          Post to Slack                                                                                               Group Prayer Meetings via the phone (every Friday)

**Please note: There are limited spots available for this first Challenge. Sign up quickly to reserve your spot and begin to look and live.

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